“Experience is the best teacher”. At school, we usually learn about the different culture of many countries throughout the world. If you truly want to know and learn a country’s culture, then experience it by yourself. It is the same with the culture of Brittany. This article will be your guide to know and understand the culture as well as the tradition of this place.

Brittany has a rich culture just like any other region in France. They also hold on to their traditions and practices. One of their special events which is a part of their culture is dancing. They usually held that kind of event almost every weekend. Aside from dancing which is one of their cultural pride is the regions’s special

Food. Brittany has its own traditional food. If you are a tourist, don’t miss to taste some of the galettes. Since it is a traditional food, almost ever household knows how to make them. The recipe is different from the classic crepes. There are different kinds of galettes. Nevertheless, the taste is very special.

Costume. Just like any other region or country, Brittany has its own traditional costume. The main costume is called “coiffe“. This is worn by women in Brittany. It is like a hat that has different sizes and they wear it in different occasions. They also have their traditional dress.

Festivals. One of the famous festivals in the region is known as fest-noz. This is usually held at night and all Bretons enjoy their time dancing, young and old.

Like this, Brittany is a beautiful place. Experience the tradition and culture of this region for you to learn it better.