Every person has his or her own interests. Among those interests is travelling. What are the purpose of travel? Most people would choose to travel to look for beautiful tourist spots. Tourist spots or tourist destinations are perfect places for relaxation. When you search on the internet about the different tourist destination, you will surely look for the places that caught your attention. Now, look at the following tourist spots in Brittany and be captivated by their beauty.

Pink Granite Coast. Just by looking at the above picture of one of the wonderful and a must-to-see tourist spot in Brittany, you will surely be captivated by its beauty. Look at those pink-colored rocks! It’s very unusual, right? It became one of Brittany’s most popular tourist destination because of the unique rock formation.

Pointe du Raz. If you are looking for a place wherein you can feel a peace of mind, just visit this place in Brittany. The view of the sea makes you feel at peace. If you think you are too much stressed and pressured, just relax and unwind, breathe some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of this place.

Oceanopolis. In this big aquarium, you can see different kinds of marine species. They are from different types of zones such as tropical, temperate, and polar zones. Most of these marine species are found in marine wildlife.

Josselin Castle. When you visit this place in Brittany, you will feel like you are one of the characters in a fairy tale story. This castle looks old but when you enter inside the castle, you will be amazed.