Communication is a very important matter between one person and the other. Lack of communication may lead to misunderstanding. If you will be given an opportunity to go abroad wherein the language is different from yours, what will you do? Will you not learn their own language? You may find it difficult at first, but you must be determined. Even if you just plan to have a travel to a different country, learning their own native language is a must. You don’t want to be in trouble, do you?

Some people find it difficult to learn or practice a different language. However, there are also some who are bilingual and multilingual. How good it is if all of us can easily speak different languages! If you have a plan to work overseas, you need to learn that nation’s language so that you can at least communicate with your employer and co-workers who are foreigners.

What could be the benefits of learning and practicing a different language?

Better memory and overall intelligence. When a child learns another language aside from the one originally taught to her, how amazing! A child can actually learn easily. So, when you are about to teach a child, expect that even for just a short time, he or she can speak well later. It helps a child’s memory to be developed for a higher intelligence.

You can be more attractive. When you hear a person speak another language, you envy that person, isn’t it? Those who can speak many language are really attractive.

You will be successful in your career. It will be beneficial for you if you know how to speak a foreign language. It will surely help you in your career.